Valentina Sechi

Theme coordinator Soil


I am the coordinator of the Wetsus Soil Theme which aims to promote the reuse of organic residues, strengthening circular economy and increase soil resilience. Besides my work at Wetsus I am associate professorship on ’resilient soils’ at the University of applied science van hall Larenstein.


PhD, Soil Ecology, Wageningen University, Netherlands, 2017
MSc, Environmental assessment and Planning, Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, 2010
MSc, Ecology and Evolution, University of Rome, Italy, 2008

Research interests

Soil Organic matter stabilization, functional diversity, ecological restoration

Selected list of publications

Full list in Google Scholar

  • V. Sechi, R.G.M. De Goede, M. Rutgers, L. Brussaard, C. Mulder (2018). Functional diversity in nematode communities across terrestrial ecosystems. Basic and Applied Ecology. 30, 76-86
  • V. Sechi, R.G.M. De Goede, M. Rutgers, L. Brussaard, C. Mulder (2017). A community trait-based approach to ecosystem functioning in soil Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 239, 265-273
  • V. Sechi, L. Brussaard, R.G.M. De Goede, M. Rutgers, C. Mulder (2015). Choice of resolution by functional trait or taxonomy affects allometric scaling in soil food webs. The American Naturalist 185 (1), 142-149 2
  • V. Sechi, A. D’Annibale, P. Ambus, Z. Sárossy, P.H. Krogh, J. Eriksen, (2014). Collembola feeding habits and niche specialization in agricultural grasslands of different composition, Soil Biology and Biochemistry 74, 31-38 1
  • V. Sechi, A. D’Annibale, K. Maraldo, A. Johansen, R. Bossi, J. Jensen, (2014) Species composition of a soil invertebrate multi-species test system determines the level of ecotoxicity Environmental pollution 184, 586-596