Maarten Biesheuvel

Theme coordinator Advanced water treatment, Capacitive deionization, Concentrates


Previous employers: University of Twente, University of California Santa Barbara, Shell, Wageningen University, MPI Potsdam Germany, University of Delft, NXP. Wetsus since 2008.


Chemical Technology (University of Twente, ir. 1996, dr. 2000)

Research interests

Electrochemical Processes

Selected list of publications

(Full list: Google Scholar)

  • Biesheuvel P.M.; J.E. Dykstra “Physics of Electrochemical Processes,” (2020)
  • Singh, K.; Z. Qian, P.M. Biesheuvel, H. Zuilhof, S. Porada, L.C.P.M. de Smet (2020). Nickel hexacyanoferrate electrodes for high mono/divalent ion-selectivity in capacitive deionization. Desalination 481, 114346
  • Virga, E.; B. Bos, P.M. Biesheuvel, A. Nijmeijer, W.M. de Vos (2020). Surfactant-dependent Critical Interfacial Tension in Silicon Carbide Membranes for Produced Water Treatment. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science.
  • Ahn, J.; J. Lee, S. Kim, C. Kim, P.M. Biesheuvel, J. Yoon (2020). High performance electrochemical saline water desalination using silver and silver-chloride electrodes. Desalination 476, 114216
  • Biesheuvel, P.M. (2020). Comment to “A theoretical model for salt ion drift due to electric field suitable to seawater desalination”. Desalination 474, 114214