Enas Othman

PhD Researcher


My research focuses on industrial waste-water treatment and metal recovery using green organic solvent “ionic liquid” from fundamental modeling to experimental investigation and process upscaling.
Besides my research activities, I have involved in teaching at Wetsus Academy and student supervision at Wetsus laboratory.


PhD candidate in chemical engineering, University of Twente, The Netherlands, 2016-2020
MSc in Chemical engineering, Texas A&M University, Qatar, 2012-2014
BSc in chemical engineering, Qatar University, 2006-2011

Research interests

Waste-water treatment, metal recovery, cobalt extraction, ionic liquid, process upscaling

Selected list of publications

  • Othman, E., Van der Ham AGJ, Miedema H, Kersten SRA. Ionic Liquid-Based Process Development for Cobalt Recovery from Aqueous Streams. J Chem Eng Process Technol 10:39,2019
  • Mohammad, T., Atilhan, M.*, Khraisheh, M.*, Othman, E., Castier M.*, Garcia, G., Aparicio, S.,  Tohidi, B., Experimental and DFT Approach on the Determination of Natural Gas Hydrate Equilibrium with the use of Excess N2 and Choline-Chloride Ionic Liquid as an Inhibitor, Journal of Energy & Fuels, 2015
  • Mohammad, T., David, R., Othman, E., Aparicio, S., Atilhan, M.*, Khraisheh, M.*, Gas Hydrate Inhibition: a review of the role of ionic liquids, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014