This theme focusses on enhancing this efficiency is selective water vapor removal. This enables small scale water production systems that can produce water directly from air at the location where it is needed. The approach is to use water vapor selective membranes to separate water directly from air before cooling it. In this way only the water vapor is condensed without producing cold air. By this means up to 60% of energy could be saved reducing the price of water significantly. The quality of water is improved drastically as no pollutants can permeate the membrane. 

Super critical CO2 is applied in food drying technology as alternative to hot air drying, vacuum drying or freeze drying. However, continuous operation of such process requires efficient dehydration of the pressurized CO2 stream. Water vapor selective membranes are used to efficiently separate water from a CO2 stream. Membrane development is needed to produce membranes which are resistant against CO2.

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