water mba

International action learning MBA
Start your international learning MBA when you are a water specialist with leadership ambitions!

Are you a water expert in your field? Then you know that you are important for the water sector. And, are you eager to become a leader within the water sector?
Then we offer you a MBA that helps you to develop your executive skills and makes it possible to take on (international) challenges in the water sector.

For this MBA we setup a close cooperation with Business School Netherlands (BSN). BSN was founded in 1988. Around 5,000 managers and executives all over the world have achieved their MBA at BSN. The program is accredited by ACBSP, ATHEA and the NVAO and voted as a Tier one MBA in the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings.

When you combine this with the uniqueness of Wetsus and her partners, you can expect a top MBA program for water experts.

Within the program we will teach you a different way of management thinking and problem-solving through Action Learning. All our MBA projects and assignments are based on actual problems in your organization. By undertaking these projects, you will make a significant impact in your organization and deliver measurable value to your employer. if suitable assignments are not available within your organization, we will try to make connections with challenging problems in our international water network.

Some figures
Online program combined with 2 conference weeks in the Netherlands and a 4 day water technology masterclass. Duration of 24 months divided in 3 phases price including major of €18.500,00.

More information on the program?
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information, contact person Ronald Wielinga,, mobile +31 6 121 38 876. More information can also be found here.

“ In multidisciplinary fields, it is necessary to be eclectic. Thinking outside the box also means doing things outside the box. For me the MBA was outside the box. ”

Terica Sinclair, Jamaica, specialist in membrane engineering and alumni MBA

“ The eMBA helped me with shaping my ideas. I realized I would like to start my own educational institute, and with every module I was reshaping and refining my idea. ”

Prashanth Kumar, India, specialist in water treatment and alumni MBA

“ I was always in science, but I realized myself there is a real world outside. A world that has more to offer than science, with real business problems. And of course, business problems are not touched in science studies. ”

Natascha Dietrich, Germany, specialist in Biofouling and alumni MBA